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June Collaboration in Focus: BECC brings natural and social scientist to Skogaryd Research Catchment

04 June 2024

SITES Skogaryd Research Catchment is connected to the strategic research area Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in a Changing Climate (BECC), which brings together scientists from Lund University and University of Gothenburg to perform research essential to the sustainable management of ecosystems and biodiversity. Skogaryd Research Catchment offers BECC researchers access to field studies on a variety of ecosystems, i.e. mires, mature and young forests, lakes and streams.

50 year of Wildlife Research at Grimsö

03 June 2024

The research activities at Grimsö started in 1974, and is the reason why this year a 50-year jubilee is celebrated. Grimsö was first placed under the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, but since 1992 be placed in the Department of Ecology, SLU.

Spring flood, seasonal staff and group visits at Svartberget Research Station

08 May 2024

The spring flood at Svartberget Research Station has started and with it, water sampling in the Krycklan catchment is taking place 2 times a week. The snow is rapidly melting, with the lysimeters (see picture) measuring over 100 kg of flow over a 3-day period. 

At the same time, the field station is preparing for the summer forest field trial season with seasonal staff already starting in May and in total 12 extra persons working at the station by the beginning of June.  

May Collaboration in Focus: Wildlife cameras provide valuable data to several research projects at Grimsö

30 April 2024

Wildlife monitoring is an important part of the Grimsö Wildlife Research Station activities. A large part of the monitoring was initiated during the 1970s, but new data series have been added over time and as methods developed. On such method development is the use of wildlife cameras to monitor wildlife activity in the area.  At Grimsö, wildlife cameras are widely used as they provide valuable data, e.g., to estimate population sizes and frequency of animal visits.

SITES Lönnstorps Latest Addition

12 April 2024

SITES Lönnstorp has recently acquired a new drone with spraying and spreading capabilities. The DJI Agras T10 has a liquid max load of eight litres and a spreader max load of six kilos, which doesn’t sound like much, but can be used in challenging situations where tractors are not an option due to difficulties with access or for treating field trials later in the season when a tractor would otherwise crush the crop.