Vision & Mission


Excellent research enabled by SITES supports evidence-based approaches to sustaining the integrity of ecosystems as a foundation of human well-being and in their own right. The quality and impact of the SITES field-based ecosystem research infrastructure makes it a compelling choice for use in new research initiatives.


SITES provides an ecosystem research infrastructure that enables scientists to develop and test theories with the observed realities of ecosystems in specific localities and landscapes. SITES facilitates access to field stations where context for new research is provided by long-term, standardized and openly available monitoring data, comprehensive documentation, as well as engagement with local residents and stakeholders.  The stations also have on-site expertise to assist in the design and execution of scientific investigations that can span spatial and temporal scales as well as disciplinary boundaries. These features of SITES support national and international researchers who want to pursue research questions about how ecosystems function in response to anthropogenic pressures, natural variability and management efforts to achieve specific goals.

Strategic Goals

SITES meets the current needs of today’s researchers while developing new opportunities that contribute to the understanding of long-term interactions between society and its environment. To achieve its mission, SITES strives to achieve strategic goals characterized by the watchwords: Quality, Openly Available, and Sustainable.

Download the SITES III (2023-2028): Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals

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