SITES Water developments on the Data Portal

16 June 2020

During the last months, a substantial progress has been made to develop a robust data structure for the different layers of the thematic programme SITES Water. The goal is to make it possible for all stations within the infrastructure to upload their data deriving from the individual monitoring campaigns into the same templates. The challenges about this work lie in the well-established, pre-existing long-term monitoring of each individual station before the start of SITES. “The devil is in the details” – describes the day-to-day work of the data management team quite well! The team consists of the programme coordinator and his working group at Skogaryd Research Catchment, support from Umeå´s SITES team, Lund´s system administrator, the secretariat and a strong team of staff at each station. This is a major challenge, but the community is confident to provide the research community with high quality data until the end of the year. The first data sets for the SITES Water programme are already available from the Skogaryd Research Catchment and Tarfala Research Station and can be discovered on the SITES Data Portal - many more to come in the coming months, so make sure to check the Portal regularly for new updates! Feedback is always welcomed and can be send to the SITES Secretariat.

SITES Data Portal – preview of the stream level data (Summer 2018) of Tarfalajokk, part of Tarfala Research Station´s monitoring.