SITES, Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science, är en nationell infrastruktur för terrester och limnologisk fältforskning. SITES ska bidra till att attrahera och främja högkvalitativ forskning genom långsiktiga mätningar och experiment utförda i fält samt genom att tillgängliggöra data.

Background and Formation

The Council for Research Infrastructures (RFI) at the Swedish Research Council published a report on the current state of research stations and other field-based infrastructure for ecological and environmental research in terrestrial and freshwater environments in 2012.
The report showed that there was a large number of stations with the potential to serve as a national resource for research. Based on the report RFI decided to allocate funds for a national infrastructure of field-based research facilities and research stations for terrestrial and freshwater ecology and environmental research. A call was made in 2012 in which universities and other research organizations were to nominate stations to be included in the infrastructure. The nominations were reviewed by a panel of international experts, who gave recommendations on which stations qualified to be part of the collaboration and how the infrastructure should be developed.