New developments @ Almbergasjön

14 October 2020

A new instrumentation on the shoreline of Lake Almbergasjön has been installed by our research engineers in Abisko. At this new sampling point a pole to measure net radiation has been constructed recently, but also a permanent weather station will be moved from the floating platform on the lake to the same location in the near future. In addition, a modem link will be implemented to allow automatized data downloads and transfers to the research station.

Several benefits will be the result of this work: in the future permanent meteorological parameters will be available to closely link to all the SITES Water programme data for Almbergasjön. Until now, the data was limited to the ice-free season and the floating platform on the lake. Parameters will be more accurate as movement of the platform has an impact on, e.g. wind speed measurements. Furthermore, additional parameters, e.g. net radiation, fixed water level measurements will be added to the list of the station´s long-term monitoring.
Find data and more information of Abisko´s additional weather stations here.

 A new net radiation installation being monitored by Niklas Rakos, one of our research engineers in Abisko at the shore of Almbergasjön. Photographer: Erik Lundin