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Abisko Scientific Research Station is a unique, versatile and modern research station located app. 200 km north of the polar circle. The station has international standard and are used by a number of different research projects addressing high tech experiments in soil and water terrain. Abisko also provides measurement programs and observations for a number of different parameters. The surrounding environment is diverging both from a topographic perspective but also regarding climate gradients.

Researches in Abisko utilize the measurement programs and observational data series along with specific experiment and modelling to address questions mainly related to environment and climate change. Addressed time perspectives of these studies range from hundreds of millions of years back in time to different future scenarios.

Each year between 500 and 600 researchers from the whole world visit Abisko. The station provides lodging, guest kitchen, laboratories, offices, library, workshops, and lecture halls, meeting rooms, green house, experimental gardens, storage rooms and a meteorological station.

For access of observations and data from measurement programs in Abisko please contact the station manager, explore Abisko base program of parameters and sampling plots or visit Abisko-GIS (external homepage).

Abisko is part of SITES infrastructures SITES Water and SITES Spectral.

Abisko Scientific Research Station's webpage.

Station manager
Magnus Augner

Main ecosystems
Forest, lakes and streams, wetland, alpine
Climate zone
Mean annual temperature
-0.6 °C
Operational period
Swedish Polar Research Secretariat
Latitude and longitude
68.354444, 18.815833
385 m