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Tarfala Research Station is located at 1130 m a.s.l. in the Kebnekaise mountains. The valley is a typical sub-arctic high alpine valley where Storglaciären is one of the best studied glaciers in the world. Tarfala measures glaciers, permafrost, hydrology, meteorology, pollution and vegetation which are all used by scientists. We welcome scientists and students from national and international universities who wish to carry out research projects or run a course. The station is an excellent platform for workshops and meetings.

Facilities at Tarfala include food and lodging, sauna, lecture hall, workshops, access to Wi-Fi and internet through GSM-net. Tarfala is open between mid-March to early May and from mid-June to mid-September.

For access to observations and data from measurement programs in Tarfala please contact the station manager, explore Tarfala base program of parameters and sampling plots in the Bolin center (external homepage).   

Tarfala is part of SITES infrastructures SITES Water and SITES Spectral.

The homepage of Tarfala can be found here.

By participating in SITES Tarfala can develop environmental measurement programs and support new ecosystem research in high mountain areas, and make data more accessible.

Station manager
Gunhild Rosqvist

Latitude: 67º55’N
Longitude: 18º35’E 
Station altitude: 1130 m.a.s.l
Min altitude: 700 m.a.s.l
Max altitude: 2097 m.a.s.l
Climate region: subarctic

No. laboratories: 2
No. beds: 36

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