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The Erken laboratory is located by the shore of lake Erken, 70 km northeast of Stockholm. A substantial lake measurement program has been running for the last 30 years, which includes manual sampling along with high frequency automatic measurements. Erken as a research resource participates in a number of research projects addressing climate change effects on lake ecosystems. The Erken Laboratory also hosts an experimental facility for enclosure experiments.

Erken provides access to data from the extensive measurement program from the lake as well as the possibility to establish new experiments and measurements. Assistance from highly skilled technicians, with local knowledge and expertise about sensor based measurements and analyses can be provided. The station also hosts an accredited laboratory for water and lake chemistry and plankton analyses.

More information about measurement within the lake measurement programme can be found here. To get access to the data please contact the station manager.

Erken is part of SITES infrastructures SITES water, SITES AquaNet and SITES Spectral.

The homepage of Erken can be found here.

Station manager
Silke Langenheder

Latitude: 59,83653
Longitude: 18,64212
Climate region: hemiboreal

No. laboratories: 3
No. beds: 95 (50 winter time)

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