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Data and publications

At this page you find information about SITES data in terms of research projects, measurements at the stations, online visualized data and measured values for immediate access. All SITES data are free to search, explore and reuse. SITES are continuously increasing the availability of data, if you have any questions please contact SITES coordination office.

Here are also listed SITES publications. This file contains all variables and parameters that are measured within SITES to explore.

When data from SITES is used in articles, publications, calculation, models and more please use this reference:
”This [study/report/dataset/etc.] has been made possible by the Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science (SITES), in this case at/by [stationens name] .”

Please note the page is under development, new information about dataset are added continuously. Please contact SITES coordination office if you have any questions. 

SITES-data is presented in four steps:

4. Measured values and observations

A guide to measurements and observations, datasets that you can access online eg. tables at homepages, portals and databases or get contact details to responsible person for data access.

Step 1 and 2  - Explore research projects and measurement programs within SITES

A. Research Projects - In the metadata catalouge NordGIS - it is possible to search and explore research projects within SITES. Within each project description there are contact details to responsible PI for data inquiries. 

B. Measurement programs - System development is ongoing to visually explore measurement programs in SITES. Until release this file with SITES measurement programs / Monitoring  can be used to search all parameters measured within in SITES.

Alternatively the files or webpages on your right can be explored regarding measurements at each station. For data access or inquiries please contact any of the station managers.

Explore baseprograms and metadata

SITES measurement programs – file with all parameters measured within SITES.
  • Explore Erkens base measurement program (excel)
  • Explore Abiskos base measurement program  (excel) or listed at homepage (external page).
  • Explore  Svartbergets base measurement program (excel)
  • Explore Röbäcksdalens base measurement program (excel) or interactive map
  • Explore Grimsös base measurement program (excel)
  • Explore Tarfalas base measurement program and accees data at Bolincentret (external page)
  • Explore Skogaryds base measurement program (External interactive map)
  • Explore Lönnstorp base measurement program (External interactive map)
  • For the long term forest field trials you can search for metadata within Silvaboreal (external page in Swedish)
  • Please contact SITES station managers if you have questions or want to access data from measurement programs. 

Step 3. SITES data visualized online

Watch and explore datasets from SITES online.

Data visualized online

Röbäcksdalen and Lönnstorp (Alnarp) - (In Swedish) select Röbäcksdalen or Alnarp  in the list, press search (sök), there are alternatives to access data as a text file.
Asa och Svartberget  / mobile friendly page
Web cameras:
Svartberget stream (use guest and strans as user and password)
Online Flow:
Phonological development:
Grimsö, Asa, Svartberget and Erken is part of the Naturens Kalender Naturens kalender, available in Swedish.
SITES Spectral:
Graphs of PRI and NDVI from Asa hourly and daily

Values and pictures from these online data can be accessed from links below or by contact to any of the SITES station managers.  

Step 4. Measured values, observations, tables, diagrams and more.

Measured data from SITES are either accessible by this page, external homepages or portals or contact any of the station managers.

Data - Measured values, observations and more

Across disciplines
Tarfala - Bolincentret for the disciplines of: Climate, Glaciers, Permafrost, Pollution, Topography och Vegetation.

Atmosphere -
Svartberget - Svartbergets databases

Röbäcksdalen and Lönnstorp (Alnarp) - (In Swedish) select Röbäcksdalen or Alnarp  in the list, press search (sök), there are alternatives to access data as a text file.

Water -
Aneboda - Integrerad monitoring, International Cooperative Programme on Integrated Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Ecosystems (ICP IM), Department of aquatic sciences and assessmnet, CLEO - Climate change and Environmental Objectives.

Svartberget - Svartbergets databases

Asa and Svartberget - (in swedish) Fältdata statistical cards from long term forest field trials. User authentication needed, please contact or

Fauna and wild life -
Grimsö has parts of their data series online here. For complete method descriptions please contact Grimsö 

Ongoing work

SITES build up a system for data management and making data from measurement programs and research accessible and available for all. The system will also be used to display the current research and measurement programs of SITES. In connection SITES also creates a form used when applying to use SITES; in research projects, workshops, field trips, etc.

Data is always accessible to all users by contact to the SITES stations by the SITES station managers for data from measurement programs.

Do you have questions, look for specific data, don’t hesitate to contact SITES coordination office for guidance. 


Publications related to work conducted at the different SITES stations. New publications are added yearly, any questions, contact SITES coordination office.