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SITES Data Portal
SITES Data Portal is currently being taken in use and new datasets are continoulsy being uploaded.
Data collected within SITES are freely available and can be used by anyone as long as the data is cited and acknowledged, following the instructions in the SITES data policy.
Data that is still not published on the SITES Data Portal can be requsted by contacting the SITES datamanager.

Monitoring within SITES
A multiude of long-term data collection programmes is conducted within SITES. A compilation of monitoring resources is available here.

SITES data available on-line from other resources

Across disciplines
Bolin Centre for Climate Research - contains data from Tarfala Research Station within the disciplines of climate, glaciers, permafrost, pollution, topography och vegetation.

Svartberget data repository  - Meteorological data from Svartberget Field Research Station.
Lantmet - Meteorological data from Röbäcksdalen Field Research Station and Lönnstorp Research Station.

Integrated monitoring repository - Hydrology and water chemistry from Aneboda within Asa Field Research Station
Svartberget data repository - Hydrology and water chemidtry data from Svartberget Field Research Station.

Fältdata statistical cards from long term forest field trials from Asa Field Research Station and Svartberget Field Research Station.

Fauna and wildlife
Pheonology and populations estimates of game is available from Grimsö Wildlife Research Station.