Use SITES infrastructure

Experimental areas, locations and infrastructure

If you are a researcher working with interactions between different
ecosystems, SITES is the natural infrastructure for you. At the same time available for you with interest in only one ecosystem type. SITES extends throughout Sweden with different ecosystems and climatic zones.

Within SITES there are different types of research support available and the research stations can provide experimental facilities, field laboratories for experiments, field-based studies, and technical expertise. Data from several long series of measurement programs is maintained at SITES field research stations and already collected data are available for the development of for example, models and scenarios.

Explore what kind of data is avaliable within SITES here.

Support from the research stations

Participating field research stations within SITES can also assist with:

  • finding suitable experimental facilities for experiments and measurements in the field
  • discuss design and implementation of surveys and experiments
  • provide information about existing infrastructure (long-term field experiments, flux towers, basins, data availability, etc.)

SITES has initiated three sub-infrastructures: SITES Water, SITES AquaNet and SITES Spectral.

We are happy to hear your ideas for a project!

Areas for experiments across ecosystem boundaries and climatic zones or for a specific ecosystems are many within SITES. We will gladly help you find the best design for your experiment.

Do you see opportunities for improvement within SITES please let us know!

Schematic illustration of SITES ecosystem types and areas of particularly high data access.