How to acknowledge SITES

SITES and the stations

When using SITES, the thematic programs and the stations, please acknowledge the infrastructure in any publications, for example by using a modification of this sentence: "We acknowledge Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science (SITES) for provisioning of [facilities /experimental support/ data etc ]. SITES receives funding through the Swedish Research Council under the grant no 2017-00635".


Data from the SITES Data Portal must be properly cited and acknowledged.

Citation of a dataset is handled similar to that of a publication. On the metadata page of the dataset a citation is provided.

Svartberget Field Research Station. 2019. Meteorological from Degerö, 2000-12-31 – 2014-12-31. SITES Data Portal.

The persistent identifier (DOI or PID) will always lead you back to the metadata page where be able to download the data object again or check for updates.
You may also use or link to pictures and use visualisations obtained from SITES Data Portal if you add the link to the original and the text "SITES, licensed under CCBY" followed by the link to the original source.

We urge you to contact and inform the data providers when the data is used for publications and to offer them the possibility to comment and/or offer them co-authorship or acknowledgement in the publication when this is justified by the added value of the data for your results.