Excursion to Erken as part of the IUFRO World Congress

27 June 2024

As part of the IUFRO World Congress in Stockholm this week, Erken Laboratory hosted an excursion, where around 150 IUFRO participants visited the station to learn about environmental monitoring and field-based research infrastructure. 

The excursion consisted of several excursion points, where representatives from SITES as well as researchers from SLU and Uppsala University informed about results from long-term ecosystem research and national environmental monitoring in Sweden. There were four excursion points; 1) A walking tour of Erken Laboratory field station, 2) Swedish Research Infrastructure presentations connected to the Unit for Field-based Forest Research at SLU, SITES, Krycklan Catchment Study and Swedish Aquatic Tracking Network, 3) SLU National Forest Inventory & Swedish Forest Soil Inventory and 4) Forest walking tour lead by the National Inventories of Landscapes in Sweden (NILS). 

Despite the warm temperatures, the group was actively engaged, asking lots of good questions. Overall the day was a nice demonstration of collaborations between SITES stations – Erken and Svartberget – as well as between Swedish Universities and departments. A big thanks to all those that presented and volunteered their time to help organize a succesful event! 

Photos: Holger Villwock