Beekeeping and pollination at SITES Lönnstorp Research Station

19 June 2024

The national initiative network of regional honey bee health advisors, is an initiative lead by SLU RådNu, in collaboration with the Swedish beekeepers association, and the Swedish Professional Beekeepers association, with support from the Swedish Board of Agriculture. The network of advisors is connected to establish demonstration apiaries - locations where beehives of honey bees are kept. The apiaries are used for field trials and demonstrations of good beekeeping practices and biosecurity measures. One such apiary is at SITES Lönnstorp Research Station, and is part of the Horizon Thematic Network B-THENET. The apiary is not only a national B-THENET Centre but also an international B-THENET Centre for advisors in beekeeping. The honey bees and the field trials are managed by skilled beekeepers from the local beekeeping club in Lund.

Bee hives

Apiary - beehives of honey bees- located at SITES Lönnstorp Research Station (Photo: Jan Lundqvist)