Spring flood, seasonal staff and group visits at Svartberget Research Station

08 May 2024

The spring flood at Svartberget Research Station has started and with it, water sampling in the Krycklan catchment is taking place 2 times a week. The snow is rapidly melting, with the lysimeters (see picture) measuring over 100 kg of flow over a 3-day period. 

At the same time, the field station is preparing for the summer forest field trial season with seasonal staff already starting in May and in total 12 extra persons working at the station by the beginning of June.  

There are many groups interested in visiting the station during the spring. Students with an interest in managing forest visited Flakaliden last Saturday and held a discussion around the forest history in the area. Continuing into May and June the station will be visited by French students, a Forestry course, Swedsih Church and Wallenberg foundation. As part of the Swedish Church visit a virtual StoryMap will be created to demonstrate managing forest without clear-cuts. The StoryMap is a novel way to communicate and promote the station to visitors, with the hope that it could be used by other SITES visitors in the future.