SITES Spectral supports the advancement of the agritech industry

18 March 2024

SITES Spectral, coordinated by Lund University, is engaging new users for its infrastructure by offering open and free access to high-quality FAIR datasets. Concurrently, it is expanding research projects to support the advancement of the agritech industry in Skåne. This effort includes exploring synergies with local partners such as Agrodit, an innovative agritech startup located at Ideon Science Park in Lund. Agrodit has developed a soil sensor technology that measures conditions like temperature, moisture, and salinity across different soil layers with high reliability. When combined with SITES Spectral's UAV-based remote sensing data, these technologies aim to enhance the understanding of irrigation efficiency and improve soil monitoring. Together, they optimize agricultural practices by elucidating the impact of soil properties on vegetation growth and health.

Agricultural Field