Joint SITES Water and AquaNet workshop at Erken

15 February 2024

This week SITES Water and SITES AquaNet field and lab techs met at Erken Laboratory for a joint workshop across the two Thematic Programs. The workshop focused on the current status and development of SITES Water and SITES AquaNet, along with sessions specific for the technical staff at the station. The sessions addressed life as field and lab tech, field and lab protocols, sensor calibrations, greenhouse sampling and hydrological measurements. The group also took a walk on ice-covered lake Erken for a hands on snow and ice measurement demonstration by the Erken staff. The meeting rounded out with sessions focused on data routines, data cleaning and data tools (Github and Jupyter Notebook). Thanks to the group for productive discussions! 

Workshop Participants

Group photos of the SITES Water and AquaNet Workshop participants (Photo: Holger Villwock (left) and Blaize Denfeld (right))