February Collaboration in Focus: Lake Erken monitoring program provides valuable data for global lake modelling

02 February 2024

At Erken Laboratory, the extensive year-round lake monitoring program on Malma Island provides valuable data to the global lake modelling community. Several Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) initiatives have utilized high-frequency data from Erken to understand lakes in a changing global environment. The long-term meteorological data (1988-2019) and lake ice coverage record (1941-2022) collected at Malma island, along with the nearby high frequency lake temperature profile data (1988-2019), are some of the most downloaded and used Erken data on the SITES Data Portal. In addition, Lake Erken has been a part of several GLEON campaigns, e.g. IceBlitz – a gloabl collection of lake ice measurements (Weyhenmeyer et al. 2022) as well as standardized mesocosm experiments looking at lake salinization impacts on zooplankton (Herbert et al. 2023).  

Photo: William Colom Montero 

The SITES 2024 Calendar theme is “SITES Collaborations”. SITES aims to promote excellent ecosystem research and high-quality data that support this research. This includes collaborations that increase the number of projects that utilize multiple SITES stations and connect between aquatic and terrestrial processes. Further, SITES aims to strengthen the collaborations with relevant research infrastructures and networks across Sweden and internationally, including data infrastructures and services. Each month during 2024, follow along as we highlight a unique SITES collaboration.