Several SITES Water datasets from Asa uploaded on the SITES Data Portal

19 January 2024

The ongoing process with uploading data to the SITES Data Portal continues. For Asa Research Station, as ice beings to settle on lake Feresjön, the SITES Water monitoring is reduced from biweekly sampling to monthly. This allows for more time to process and upload SITES Water data. 

Recently, both oxygen saturation and concentration data from lake Feresjön has been added to the SITES Data Portal. Also, you can now find most water chemistry data from the same lake, as well as water chemistry data from the lake inlet and outlet streams. Further, existing data such as pH, conductivity and lake temperature profile data has been updated. The meteorological data from a floating platform on lake Feresjön has been updated, including the addition of data from 2022 and 2023, now making the timeseries span from 2017-2023. 

Access SITES Water data from Asa on the SITES Data Portal. 

Feresjön ice covered