January Collaboration in Focus: SITES Spectral allows links to remotely sensed satellite data

09 January 2024

The SITES 2024 Calendar theme is “SITES Collaborations”. SITES aims to promote excellent ecosystem research and high-quality data that support this research. This includes collaborations that increase the number of projects that utilize multiple SITES stations and connect between aquatic and terrestrial processes. Further, SITES aims to strengthen the collaborations with relevant research infrastructures and networks across Sweden and internationally, including data infrastructures and services. Each month during 2024, follow along as we highlight a unique SITES collaboration.  

SITES Thematic programs are one form of collaboration, connecting individual stations in order to support and enhance research on both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems as well as offering open data from long-term monitoring and experimental installations. 

To start off 2024, the SITES Spectral Thematic Program, is featured. Through SITES Spectral small to local scale terrestrial imagery is collected using fixed multispectral sensors, phenocams, and multispectral sensors on drones. These observations form a unique and valuable resource for upscaling and connecting to satellite observations. The image, generated using Dall-E, depicts agricultural fields and vegetation phenology observed by satellites, illustrating the goal of SITES Spectral to add satellite data products by 2024 to the SITES Data Portal. 


Photo: Image generated by OpenAI's DALL·E via ChatGPT