November Data in Focus: Lönnstorp Research Station soil temperature data

01 November 2023

The SITES 2023 Calendar theme is “Data in Focus”. The openly available data produced within SITES and stored on the SITES Data Portal is the “golden thread” of the infrastructure, allowing users access to ecosystem data that covers diverse habitats and climate zones across geographical gradients in Sweden. Each month follow along as we highlight a unique SITES dataset.  

Lönnstorp Research Station, has a subject focus on cropping system dynamics within the 60 ha of conventional farmland and 18 ha of certified organic farmland. High frequency vegetation and climate data is collected from the agricultural fields and is maintained by skilled staff. The automatic weather station data includes air temperature, relative humidity, incoming shortwave radiation, air pressure, precipitation, wind speed, and soil temperature. Through SITES Spectral, a pheocamera is equipped on a mast overlooking the agricultural field (pictured below), and provides spectral vegetation data products including Green and Red Chromatic index composites and RGB composites. The graph shows sub-hourly above ground (0.2 and 1.5 m, light yellow) and below ground (-0.05 m, dark yellow) temperature data measured at the station for the first half of the year in 2021. The vegetation and climate data from Lönnstorp Research Station is openly available on the SITES Data Portal. 


Photo & Graphics: Roberto Lo Monaco
Photo & Graphics: Roberto Lo Monaco