October Data in Focus: Precipitation dynamics at Röbäcksdalen Field Research Station

05 October 2023

The SITES 2023 Calendar theme is “Data in Focus”. The openly available data produced within SITES and stored on the SITES Data Portal is the “golden thread” of the infrastructure, allowing users access to ecosystem data that covers diverse habitats and climate zones across geographical gradients in Sweden. Each month follow along as we highlight a unique SITES dataset.

Precipitation dynamics are of particular interest within agriculture. The timing, frequency, and intensity of rainfall can affect crop yield, but also the water quality of streams within the catchment. At Röbäcksdalen Field Research Station, within the dynamic agricultural-urban stream network, water chemistry, hydrology, and meteorological data is monitored. Stream sampling points are located along a gradient beginning in the forested area above the agricultural fields and extending through the cultivated areas. The graph below shows precipitation dynamics in 2021, with many rain events during the autumn.

Link to Data: https://meta.fieldsites.se/objects/C6bSuVVZNxFjM5kpozMMLvVS

Photo: Blaize Denfeld & Graphics: Roberto Lo Monaco
Photo: Blaize Denfeld & Graphics: Roberto Lo Monaco