New spectral installations on agriculture fields in Alnarp

Lund University has recently installed two new spectral masts overlooking crop fields in Alnarp, near the SITES Lönnstorp Research Station. Each mast holds two down-looking spectral sensors, one on each side of the mast, overlooking one field each. There are also temperature and soil moisture sensors to follow the weather and climate at the locations continuously through time. The installations are part of a research project sponsored by the Swedish National Space Agency that aims to develop and quantify crop growth and yield based on satellite remote sensing. Accurate field measurements of biomass allocation to root, stem, leaves and seeds have been carried out through the season of 2022 and will form the basis of crop-growth modelling as a support to yield estimation. The stations are affiliated to the SITES Spectral infrastructure and will also provide an input to the Nordic NordPlant collaboration project focusing on plant phenotyping. For more information on the research, contact Lars Eklundh (

Installing the two new spectral mast on agricultural fields in Alnarp. Photo: Lars Eklundh.

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