New article on brownification in Lake Bolmen

02 November 2022

A new article focusing on one of the main research fields of Bolmen’s Research Station recently got published in Water Practice & Technology. The article focuses on short-term changes of organic matter in Lake Bolmen, which has direct influences on the color of the water as well as the source water quality for drinking water production in south-western Skåne. Analysis of Kafjorden, a southern sub-basin of Lake Bolmen, was analyzed in detail and it was concluded that it can produce changes of organic matter in a time span of days to weeks. These changes are related to local inflow conditions of Murån, a sub-basin of the main tributary, as well as internal processes like sedimentation and wave driven resuspension.

Karfjorden, a southern sub-basin of Lake Bolmen. Photo: Clemens Klante
Karfjorden, a southern sub-basin of Lake Bolmen. Photo: Clemens Klante

Information on how and when variations in organic matter happen in the lake does not only help to improve the drinking water treatment process downstream but it also effects the carbon dioxide (CO2) and waste production of such facilities. The article points out that better source water monitoring is a necessity to enable further analysis, which will not only further help to streamline water treatment efforts but also help to better understand water resources and its interactions. Infrastructures like SITES are a cornerstone to facilitate such vastly needed measurements.

Read the full article: Klante C., Hägg K., Larson M. 2022. Understanding short-term organic matter fluctuations to optimize drinking water treatment. Water Practice and Technology: 17: 2141–2159.