Ongoing station-specific Data Retreats

The central data coordination team has scheduled several data-focused meetings with individual stations to facilitate uploads to the SITES Data Portal during the off-season when field sampling is less time demanding for the station staff. 

Currently, the SITES secretariat and staff from Erken Laboratory are processing data from complex lake profile measurements collected using YSI sonde technology which will be uploaded soon. Follow-up data meetings are scheduled with Svartberget and Skogaryd, so more data will be available for download in the coming weeks. 

Open access to data produced within the long-term monitoring programs can be found on the SITES Data Portal

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Malma Island located in Lake Erken during the early spring. The island is equiped with high frequency sensors which measure meteorological and micrometeorological paramaters as well as lake water balance and thermal stratification. Photo by: Roberto Lo Monaco

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