Northern SITES Stations endure heat wave

13 July 2021

The summer 2021 is facing a heat wave across the northern hemisphere with temperatures rising to more than 10°C above the long-term average in some regions of Scandinavia.

International media has been covering this topic with focus on the extreme high pressure system over parts of Canada, but Finland, Norway and Sweden are also of special interest for meteorologist as The Guardian reported last week. 

SITES maintains long-term meteorological stations that allow for temperature trends to be monitored across several regions in Sweden. In northern Sweden daily air temperature data from Tarfala Research Station and Abisko Scientific Research Station show that in early June of this year temperatures were higher than the average June temperature of previous years (see graphs below). This data is openly available on the SITES Data Portal for use by the research community and those interested in analysing long-term temperature trends.

Check out the most recent meteorological data updates from SITES stations at Tarfala Research Station and Abisko Scientific Research Station.