SITES welcomes new staff at Röbäcksdalen

14 February 2020

Röbäcksdalen Field Research Station welcomes new staff to strengthen their team. First person to support the team is researcher Julien Morel, who is specialised in remote sensing and has a lot experience in running the equipment in the Spectral Lab at Röbäcksdalen. From 2020 on, Julien will be a support for researchers who want to use the Spectral Lab. In addition, he will be a back-up drone pilot for SITES Spectral.

Next in line is Niklas Björn who is already a technician at the field station. Like Julien he will be more involved in SITES activities from 2020 onwards, starting to support the team with the collection of water samples for SITES Water. Additionally, he will  be one of the bee keepers at Röbäcksdalen.

Last, but not least, Jenni Burman will start as the new research technician in the dairy barn on March 1st. Her job in SITES will mostly be within the data collection program SMURF, which aims to make all the data deriving from the field experiments available to researchers through the SITES Portal. In time she will also be responsible for the GreenFeed equipment, which measures greenhouse gas emissions from the animals in the dairy barn.

Very warm welcome to the SITES team Julien, Niklas and Jenni!

Julien Morel is using the FieldSpec 4 to do spectral measurements in a barley field.
Photographer: Uttam Kumar.

New research technician Jenni Burman. Photographer Jenni Burman.