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SITES Spectral (Lund)
Lund University is hiring a research engineer for the SITES Spectral Thematic Centre. The person will be responsible for carrying out databases development and management for the centre. More information is given here.
Apply before 7 February 2017.
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With 2018, SITES enters its second phase and will continue to offer and develop unique terrestrial and limnological research infrastructure in Sweden.

Some important changes:
  • Anders Lindroth ends as SITES Director. We address a big thank to Anders for the productive time he has been part of SITES management team. We wish Anders luck on his new adventure!
  • Stefan Bertilsson will start as new Director for SITES in January. Stefan is a professor of Biology at Uppsala University, and has worked for the SciLifeLab infrastructure for several years.
"It will be very fun to start within SITES. I look forward to contribute develop SITES as a national infrastructure in the coming years, "says Stefan.
  • The board also completes its mission last of January. All seven members have been in the board since 2014.
We will return in the winter with presentations of our new additions within the organization.
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