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SITES participates at the Bolin days 2016 and the celebrate of Tarfala research station 70 years. View the full program here.

The Bolin Centre is a multi-disciplinary consortium of over 300 scientists in Sweden that conduct research and graduate education related to the Earth´s climate.

The Bolin Centre focuses on extending and disseminating knowledge about the Earth’s natural climate system, climate variations, climate impacting processes, climate modelling, human impact on the climate and climate impacts on ecosystems, biodiversity and human conditions as well as how society can minimize negative impacts.

The centre was formed in 2006 by Stockholm University, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI).
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Anders Lindroth, the SITES director, and Maria Ernfors, the station manager at Lönnstorp, participated in the Plant Link Day, where they presented the infrastructure and the facilities and activities on Lönnstorp.
Anders Lindroth presents SITES. Photo by Linda-Maria Mårtensson
Anders Lindroth presents SITES. Photo by Linda-Maria Mårtensson

PlantLink is a research network in the area of plant sciences in the south of Sweden. PlantLink wants to bridge the gap between basic and applied plant research with the objective to improve crops and food products, and to enable production of materials, medication and energy from plants in a sustainable way. Associated to PlantLink, are several within their field world-leading research groups.

Maria Ernfors presents SITES Lönnstorps facilites. Photo by Linda-Maria Mårtensson
Maria Ernfors presents SITES Lönnstorps facilites. Photo by Linda-Maria Mårtensson
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SITES Lönnstorp field experimental station proudly presents the members of the recently established advisory board: Kate Scow, professor in Soil Science and Microbial Ecology at the University of California, Davis and director of the Russell Ranch Sustainable Agricultural Facility; David Parsons, professor in Crop Sciences at SLU Umeå; Josef Appell, agricultural consultant and previously manager of the Gårdstånga Nygård Estate; and Göran Bergkvist, associate professor in Crop Production Science at SLU, Uppsala. The advisory board will advise on the scientific and practical development of SITES Lönnstorp, including the SITES Agroecological Field Experiment.
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SITES participated at KBC-days in Umeå this November. Under the theme of “what SITES can provide for you researchers” Anders Lindroth, Leif Klemedtsson and Tomas Lundmark guided visitors through SITES concept and mission, the special initiatives of the new infrastructure, SITES Water, SITES Spectral and SITES AquaNet and to the nearest SITES stations, Röbäcksdalen and Svartberget got presented in more detail.

Are you interested in knowing what SITES can offer you as a researcher, please contact SITES!
Chemical Biology Centre, KBC is a platform for collaboration and exchange of researchers between faculties and institutions within Umeå University and SLU.
About KBC and program of KBC days can be found here.
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