Apply to use SITES AquaNet

How and when can I apply?

Apply at latest 15 March 2021. Note that it will also be possible to apply afterwards if the facilities are still available.

Apply using the standard application form.

Application process

Researchers can apply to use any of the mesocosm facilities of Svartberget, Erken, Skogaryd, Asa and Bolmen. The applications will be assessed by a review panel composed by a central panel in consultation with the station managers and the SITES Board.

Applications will be accepted based on practical feasibility, and priority will be given to projects using more than one of the SITES stations. 

SITES AquaNet  has the aim to provide access to the infrastructure for as many researchers as possible and will therefore try to accommodate as many projects as possible. Researchers are therefore asked to indicate in the application form the level of flexibility of the project by selecting three alternative time periods, for both the start and end of the planned experiment.  

If a project is already booked for an experiment at the time of an application, we strongly encourage to open a dialogue between project leaders to see whether it is possible to accommodate both projects within the same time period. The SITES AquaNet coordination team can also help to logistically plan multiple experiments.

Check the availability of the infrastructure and projects already
accepted (xlsx).


If projects demonstrate strong commitment motivated in the application form, SITES AquaNet allows researchers to book the infrastructure for a maximum of 3 years ahead.
For immediate demands of the infrastructure, in case this is available between a specific winter and summer call, SITES AquaNet will accept applications for experiments that fall within that time period.

Please use the standard application form.

What happens if I cancel my booking?

SITES AquaNet accepts reasonable changes in schedule and experimental plans, provided this does not compromise other projects. If a project that had locked other projects from using the infrastructure cancels a booking entirely, the research team responsible will not be able to use SITES AquaNet for a period up to 3 years. Exceptions to these penalties can be made under major circumstances. Cancelations because of lack of funding will not be considered an exception.

SITES - User agreement

Researchers should make sure to have read and be in agreement with all conditions stipulated in the SITES-User agreement.

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