Grimsö Wildlife Research Station (GRI)

Grimsö Wildlife Research Station is located in Bergslagen and host a research area of 13 000 ha. The area is mainly a conifer mix with spruce and pine trees. Grimsö research station was initiated in 1974 as an ecological/ecosystem research station run by the Environmental Protection Agency. From 1992 Grismö is organized within Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and constitutes today the wild life section of the ecology department.

Research utilizing Grismös facilities mainly address studies in applied ecosystem/ecological questions related to wildlife and natural resource management. Measurement programs at Grimsö includes continuous wildlife and forest observations. Several of the measurement series extend more than 30 years of data.

The Grismö station also hosts a Wildlife Damage Center which educates and informs about damages caused by wildlife and plausible ways to prevent these accidents. In total Grimsö hosts 50 co-workers, researchers, PhD student, students, field assistants, administrative and technical staff.

As well as the field station and research area Grimsö provides laboratories, offices, conference facilities, lodging, canteen and kitchen. In connection to the conference facilities a permanent exhibition with information about wildlife and nature resources are provided.

Grimsö is part of SITES infrastructure SITES Spectral.

Explore Grimsös base program of parameters and sampling plots.

For access to observations and data from measurement programs in Grimsö please contact the station manager.

Website of Grimsö research station at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Station manager
Gunnar Jansson

Main ecosystems
Forest, lakes and streams, wetland

Hemi-boreal / boreal
Mean annual temperature: 5.9 °C
Operational period

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Latitude and longitude
59.7286 N, 15.4724 E
118 m