Bolmen Research Station

The floating platform used for measurements within SITES AquaNet at Lake Bolmen.
The floating platform used for measurements within SITES AquaNet at Lake Bolmen.

Bolmen Research Station (BOL)

Bolmen Research Station is located in Tiraholm, by Lake Bolmen in Hylte municipality. The research at the station primarily focuses on environmental monitoring, fish conservation and management, water conservation and the effects of climate change on freshwater ecosystems. The station is open to all universities and colleges that want to conduct research on Lake Bolmen and the surrounding area.

The station also engages in educational activities such as Tänk H2O! (Think H2O!), which offers a learning experience about water, aimed at high schools within the municipalities around Lake Bolmen.

Lake Bolmen is Skåne's most important water source. Knowledge on how this water source is affected by changes in e.g. climate, weather and land use is increasingly important ensure that the Lake Bolmen can remain a reliable water supply in the future.

Sydvatten is the head of the station, while Sweden Water Research is responsible for scientific planning and research. Lund University, Department of Biology, and Halmstad University share the responsibility of being the head of the research at the station.

Bolmen Research Station is an associated station to SITES AquaNet.

Bolmen Research Station’s official website.

Station manager
Juha Rankinen

Short facts
Main ecosystems
Lakes and streams, wetland

Mean annual temperature: 6.3 °C
Operational period
Sweden Water Research - Sydvatten
Latitude and longitude

56.9428 N, 13.6456 E
142 m