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SITES goes on tour looking for more researchers

During the year we have clarified what SITES has to offer you as a researcher in terrestrial and limnological field ecosystem research. We see great potential for more researchers to use the infrastructure and that’s why we will go on a nationwide tour this autumn to introduce SITES added value. During the tour, we plan to visit a number of universities / institutions, conferences and similar gatherings. Take the opportunity to discuss research opportunities within the infrastructure with station managers and active researchers.

Questions? Contact SITES Director Stefan Bertilsson.

We would like to visit you!

Do you have interesting activities this autumn? Please let us know and we would be happy to make a tour stop. If possible in connection with a bigger event where we, researchers and station managers could participate and talk with researchers about SITES.

Coming tour stop

We're looking for a date to visit the University of Gothenburg and Linnéuniveristetet, more updates will follow.


Visited tour stop

18 October, BECC Annual meeting 2016, Varberg
8-9 November,  KBC Days 2016 at Umeå University
16-17 November, Bolin Days 2016 vid Stockholm University
2 December, Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala university

7-9 February, OIKOS National meeting, Lund