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SITES Application 2017
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At this page SITES collect documents and descriptions worth mentioning in and for the application which was handed in March 2017 to the Swedish Research Council.

SITES Collaborations

National Collaborations:
ICOS Sweden, Integrating Carbon Observation System.
Swedish LifeWatch
iLTER, International Long Term Ecological Research.
ICOS Carbon Portal, Integrating Carbon Observation System.

International Collaborations:
ICOS RI, Integrating Carbon Observation System Research Infrastructure.
AnaEE, Infrastructure for Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems.
ACTRIS, Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research Infrastructure Network.
NEON, The National Ecological Observatory Network.

INTERACT II, with focus on the circumpolar region.
FLUXNET and Ameriflux perform flux measurements of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and energy in both terrestrial and limnic ecosystems.
SPTECNET, with focus on spectral measurements in different type of ecosystems.
AQUACOSM, with focus on mesocosm experiments.

Other international networks mentioned in the application:
ITEX, International Tundra Experiment
Copernicus Program, Sentinel 2 satelite
NutNet, Nutrient Network

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