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You are a very important person for us; you are a SITES researcher. May we even call you a SITES Ambassador?

If we may call you a SITES Ambassador, how would you like to help us? Please fill in our survey!

SITES will use your input, information about research project and pictures to improve our collective knowledge about SITES activities and share how the infrastructure is being used.

Thank you for your time!


  • Which of the following actions could you help us with?
  • Your contact details will be be kept within SITES and not distributed further.


Don't forget to refer to SITES in publications by using the correct SITES phrase and making sure that collaborators and co-authors on projects also refer to SITES correct.

”This [study/report/dataset/etc.] has been made possible by the Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science (SITES), in this case at/by [stationens namn] .”

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