Visitors are returning to Röbäcksdalen

The pandemic has slowed down and Röbäcksdalen is able to welcome visitors once again.
In June a delegation from LUKE in Finland came by and got a demonstration of our animal and field facilities. They showed particular interest in SITES spectral and SITES water, since similar activities are done in Finland, and there is a potential for fruitful collaborations between SITES and LUKE in these areas. In July, Länsstyrelsen arranged a field day for farmers at Röbäcksdalen. The visit focused on herbicide and pesticide management practices and attracted farmers and advisors from all over northern Sweden. In August the station will be visited by a large group of around 60 animal and plant breeders, as part of a larger workshop occurring in Umeå. The summer season wraps up in September with planned visits from the VH faculty at SLU and from a small group from the government office, who is working with the national food strategy for the government. 
There have also been more external researchers visiting the station now. Among others are a research group from Bonn University, who are sampling soils in Röbäcksdalen, Asa, and Svartberget as part of a larger European project, and a group from Alnarp who are using the drying and milling facilities at Röbäcksdalen. 

Sara Bauke, Heike Schimmel and Dymphie Burger from Bonn University are taking soil samples at Röbäcksdalen in preparation for their experiment. Photo by Boel Sandström.

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