Vice chancellor of SLU visits Röbäcksdalen

On April 11th, the vice chancellor of SLU and her leading council visited the field station at Röbäcksdalen. The purpose of the visit was to learn more about the infrastructure, but also to sign a collaboration agreement between SLU and Umeå municipality. Röbäcksdalen SITES manager Johanna Wallsten talked about the SITES activities in the region, and Charlotta Erefur from Svartberget presented some of their activities, and talked about collaborations between the two SITES stations.  In addition, researchers at SLU in Umeå demonstrated some of the spectral equipment at the station.

Johanna Wallsten and Charlotta Erefur present the SITES activities at Röbäcksdalen and Svartberget. Photo: Olof Bergvall.

The collaboration agreement states the intention by the two parties to collaborate more within certain development areas. The research station at Röbäcksdalen is specifically highlighted in the section about Umeå as a sustainable city. The station is located within the city and is already a green oasis for local residents. The research performed, the association to SITES, and the location makes Röbäcksdalen research station a good focal point for the city’s work around ecosystem services and biodiversity.

SLU vice chancellor Maria Knutson Wedel and Chair of Umeå municipality board Hans Lindberg sign the collaboration agreement at SITES Röbäcksdalen. Photo: Fredrik Larsson

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