Nutrient balance analysis of spruce needels prior to fertilization of Asa HYEF

Photographer: Niels Aagaard Jakobsen

As part of the planed fertilizing of young spruce stands in Asa high-yield forest during spring 2020, we have been collecting branches from the areas. We do so to be able to determine the optimal composition of nutrients for the fertilizer and thereby choose the right type. The branches are cut into pieces and then dried for approximately 24 hours. After that the dry needles are separated from the braches and are ready to be analysed.

We fertilized the first 31 ha in 2012 and next year we will fertilize almost 90 ha distributed on 17 different locations. The goal of the fertilization program is to increase the growth of spruce and thereby get a shorter rotation period.

Photographer: Niels Aagaard Jakobsen




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