Don’t miss this opportunity – News from Röbäcksdalen

Photograper: Johanna Wallsten. Photograper: Johanna Wallsten.

Degernäsbäcken is a creek that runs past the agricultural fields of Röbäcksdalen research station. The stream, which is part of the SITES water monitoring program,  is going to face some major changes soon. In the end of this summer the construction of the new E12 road “the western link” will start. The E12 road will cross over the creek at the same point as the current road, but the amount of traffic will be much higher. The change in the landscape offers an opportunity to study eventual changes in water quality that may occur with the increased traffic. The creek is already sampled regularly as part of the SITES water, but this summer will be the last chance for additional sampling for other types of analysis.

Photographer: Johanna Wallsten. Photographer: Johanna Wallsten.

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Umeå municipality
Swedish Transport Administration
Map with Degernäsbäcken (straight) and Röbäcken (meandering) marked with sample points.

Johanna Wallsten at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.




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