Novel automated platform to upscale GHG emissions from freshwater wetlands, SkyLine3D
-now installed at Skogaryd

The SkyLine3D has now been installed at Skogaryd. This provides a new approach to measure fluxes of GHG (greenhouse gas emissions) at high spatial and temporal resolution across a heterogeneous lake system currently in transition to a wetland. The system is fully automated and enables fine-scale CO2and CH4 fluxes measurement using both chamber technology, and dynamic deployment of a mobile, Eddy Covariance (EC) system, with placement controlled by a dynamic footprint model. Furthermore, highly replicated measurements can be done in time and space. In combination with fine-scale measurements of key environmental variables underpinning the measured fluxes in different vegetation types, it will be possible to upscale GHG emissions from these freshwater wetlands.
The project is funded by NERC and a collaboration between scientists at the Universities of York (UK), Gothenburg and Lund.




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