Station competence exchange

Lönnstorp, accompanied with Lanna, headed north for a two day combined study visit at Röbäcksdalen and Svartberget, full of knowledge exchange, discussion about practices, methods and common challenges.

During the first day at Röbäcksdalen, Kent, Malin and Evelina gave an introduction to the machinery and routines for gathering field data and how to transfer it into a database. This led to a fruitful discussion about how the agricultural stations could work more close together within this area in the future.

Niklas gave an inspiration talk presenting their work with the interactive map of Skogaryd. Röbäcksdalen and Lönnstorp will continue develop their respectively interactive maps which could also be a tool for more stations within SITES.

Röbäcksdalen presented information about work done within SITES Water and hopefully the agricultural stations can give good input to that infrastructure together in the future. Ryan and Erik gave and update of the SAFE system at Lönnstorp. 

At Svartberget Thomas gave a presentation about precision GPS systems and some thoughts around using them and gaining high accuracy, something all stations in SITES strives for. Thomas also showed the installations of spectral sensors and loggers, through the SITES Spectral infrastructure. This was followed by a good discussion about installations and loggers for gathering data.

In the afternoon Peder and Johannes gave a good insight into lightening protection and the SITES Water infrastructure. Since there will be more installations during the season 2017 at both Röbäcksdalen and Lönnstorp this is crucial information. Kim gave some information about the tag tags app. Both Svartberget and Röbäcksdalen find the app most useful and use it frequently for field and laboratorial metadata and data collection.

Thanks to all participants for valuable discussions and questions that have been raised during these two days and, for all efforts in putting together presentations and field views.

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