SITES AquaNet platforms under construction

Four of the SITES stations involved in SITES AquaNet mounts their floats during this autumn. Erken was first and initiated during late September, all the participants attending the SITES AquaNet workshop there got to see the progress and possibilities. This week personnel from Svartberget has put together their float-device into the larger platform in lake Stortjärn. Asa and Skogaryd are next in line.

The float platforms are the fundament of the SITES AquaNet infrastructure, it will hold the structure of the mesocosm bags, act as base for loggers mounted and used in the manipulations and at the same time provide a safe work environment. During summer 2017 a test experiment will run at all four platforms, and then the structure act as a resource for research questions related to manipulation of small aquatic ecosystems.

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