SITES NordSpec has become SITES Spectral

SITES spectral is one of the three common initiatives within SITES. Their overall aim is to support  world class field research with infrastructures. SITES Spectral is holistic and common across eight of SITES stations where each stations has similar type of instrument and measurement setup. The program collects spectral information from sensors and phenological cameras in mast/towers and Drones (UAW). Sensors are mounted in towers and masts capturing incoming and reflecting radiation. Phenological cameras capture vegetation development and the UAW which are used to scale the program to larger areas. Information from sensors and UAV are inter-calibrated from the smaller fixed points to the larger area captured by the UAW. One extension of this program is the possibility to calibrate satellite data from remote sensing.
The decision to change the name was made at a workshop October 14, partly to emphasize the differences between SITES Spectral and the network of Nordpsec. Apart from discussions, information and updates on technical challenges, calibrations and decisions regarding equipment, an inspiration-talk was given by Kjell Blomgren form the phenological network in Sweden on how researchers like him, can use data from SITES Spectral.

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