Establishment of new experimental infrastructure

SITES board had two calls with the aim to start new experimental infrastructure. The board decided after an external evaluation to fund three initiatives, SITES-water, SITES AquaNET and SITES Nordspec. They are in many ways new resources to serve the research community and in different stages of implementation.

SITES NordSPEC – Spectral images and information. Leader PI Lars Eklundh, Lund University. Includes eight SITES stations.

SITES-Water – harmonized stream and lake monitoring programs, including gas flux measurements. Leader PI Leif Klemedtsson, University of Gothenburg. Includes six SITES stations.

SITES AquaNet – platform for mesocosm experiments with the possibility to apply different treatments. Leader PI Helmut Hillebrand, Carl-von-Ossietzky University Oldenburg. Includes four SITES stations.

All initiatives are in a planning and or built-up phase at the moment. For SITES-water the programs for stream and lakes running at Skogaryd and Svartberget are already included.

More information will follow, and the initiatives will be presented at SITES new homepage in June 2016.

Are you curious already, contact the leader PI or any of SITES station managers.

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