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Lund University is hiring a research engineer for the SITES Spectral Thematic Centre. The person will be responsible for carrying out databases development and management for the centre. More information is given here.
Apply before 7 February 2017.
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With 2018, SITES enters its second phase and will continue to offer and develop unique terrestrial and limnological research infrastructure in Sweden.

Some important changes:
  • Anders Lindroth ends as SITES Director. We address a big thank to Anders for the productive time he has been part of SITES management team. We wish Anders luck on his new adventure!
  • Stefan Bertilsson will start as new Director for SITES in January. Stefan is a professor of Biology at Uppsala University, and has worked for the SciLifeLab infrastructure for several years.
"It will be very fun to start within SITES. I look forward to contribute develop SITES as a national infrastructure in the coming years, "says Stefan.
  • The board also completes its mission last of January. All seven members have been in the board since 2014.
We will return in the winter with presentations of our new additions within the organization.
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28 Swedish and international Ph.D. students spent an autumn week within the Krycklan catchment at Svartberget learning about Watershed Ecology and Biogeochemistry.

This hands-on course addressed many aspects from small scale soil and in stream processes to management of ecosystems at landscape scales. Addressing combined and interlinked questions regarding watershed ecology and biogeochemistry allowed the students to develop their research skills, knowledge about field measurements, scientific presentations and communication.

The coursed ended with the 14th Krycklan symposium where latest research from the catchment and were presented.
Krycklan catchmnet homepage

Photos taken by the student at the course, Meredith Blackburn and Ida Taberman
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From the 3rd to 9th September, a group of young scientists came together for the inaugural Greenhouse Gas Summer School, hosted by Gothenburg University at Skogaryd Research Catchment, Sweden. The course introduced students to state of the art greenhouse gas measurement techniques including several forms of eddy covariance, footprint modelling, chamber measurements and isotopic analysis.
In-depth lectures from leaders in the field were followed by excursions to measurement sites and practical data analysis exercises. The discussions also focused on the importance of site management practices and national greenhouse gas reporting.
With participants representing 10 countries and 11 universities, the course offered a warm and friendly atmosphere for exchanging ideas. Skogaryd Research Catchment, part of SITES, features 5 subsites and pioneering new greenhouse gas measurement techniques. Despite the rain, the course was a resounding success and will be hosted next year by the ClimbEco group at Lund University.
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If you want to run SITES operationally and scientifically in the next phase, we are looking for you! Do you e.g. want to develop SITES and act as SITES front image in the outside world, read the full assignment description for SITES Director (only available in Swedish). If you are interested, apply before November 8th and please help us spread the ad on appropriate networks.

Welcome with your application!
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