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SITES is led by an external steering group. SLU is the coordinator and responsible for the operational management. SITES consists of nine field research stations from four universities and a coordination office.

SITES is an integrated, national infrastructure with high levels of communication between the field research stations, coordination office and the steering group. There are regular meetings with the field research station coordinators and the managers.

The framework for cooperation within SITES is set in an agreement between SLU and the Swedish Research Council (VR), as well as a consortium agreement between all involved parties, the so-called principals (see Policy Documents).

SITES is led by an external steering group, which is appointed by SLU in consultation with VR. The steering group shall adopt a national perspective and take a holistic approach to infrastructure development. According to VR's grant conditions, the steering group shall represent a broad spectrum of expertise including knowledge about advance field research as well as management of research infrastructures. Current terms of office include 2014-02-10 - 2017-01-31. The board meets between 4 and 6 times a year.

Meeting schedule for 2017
13 April and 1 June. Meetings for the rest of the year is not yet set.

The steering group consists of:
Barbara Ekbom, prof em (SLU) - (chairman)
Anders Hedenström, Lund University
Hanna Silvennoinen, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research
Johan Bergh, Linnaeus University
Mari Källersjö, Gothenburg Botanical Garden
Mikkel P. Tamstorf, Aarhus University
Sebastian Diehl, Umeå University

SITES board at Erken together with the coordination office and station manager for Erken, May 2014.

SLU host and organize SITES coordination office. The assignment given to SLU are to run and develop SITES infrastructure as a broad national research infrastructure. SLU's mission is to manage and develop the infrastructure SITES as a wide-oriented national research infrastructure. The coordination office is responsible for practical operations, such as dialogue with SITES field research stations, communications, finances, administration concerning the Board's activities, contacts with VR and with other national and international infrastructures.

SITES operational activities are carried out by a scientifically qualified Director with experience of planning and managing activities at a field research station. The Director is employed at SLU and is included in the SITES coordination office.

Stefan Bertilsson
Stefan is responsible for the strategic management of SITES.
Phone: +46 70 167 90 34

Boel Åström,
Research officer
Boel documents meetings with the Board, the coordination office and the station managers and is the link between SITES, VR and SLU.
Phone: +46 18 67 20 22

Magnus Mossberg,
System analyst

Magnus is SITES technical expert. He helps the stations to manage the different systems used within SITES.
Phone:  +46 40 41 51 58

Jan-Peter Nordmark,

Jan-Peter is responsible for the financial statements and assist the director with budget and annual report.
Phone: +46 90-786 87 70

Hélène Hagerman, Matilda Thyresson and Mia Barkland, Communicators
Helene, Matilda and Mia from Trossa AB works whitin SITES communication.
Phone: +46 730-75 57 59
telefon: +46 725 - 84 35 51
Phone: +46 730-75 57 57